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Nathan Harbison grew up in Indiana and received his master’s degree from Indiana University. He is the founder and CEO of National ATM Brokerage. Nathan leverages years of ATM sales and acquisitions experience from his time at Payment Alliance (PAI) managing their finance team to provide best in class service and results to his clients. 

During his time at PAI, he was part of over 30 acquisitions ranging in size from $300,000 to $25MM. He understands each step of the process from both the buy and sell side and knows how to successfully go from the first stage to the last. Nathan’s time at PAI also provided him the opportunity to develop a wide network of hundreds of ATM business owners across the country. At National ATM Brokerage, Nathan provides his clients with exclusive access to this network and the opportunities it offers. Nathan’s hands on, detail-oriented approach results in a complete package of information for each prospective buyer. His sales approach makes the ATM business easier to grasp for buyers, which heightens buyers’ interest and ultimately drives a higher sale price.

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National ATM Brokerage offers confidential appraisals providing real-time, real-world information to ensure you receive the most accurate pricing from the marketplace.

Our extensive network of buyers provides our clients the greatest opportunity to achieve the highest price for their ATM route. This deep buyer pool resides within and outside the ATM industry.

Determining if and when to sell your business requires analysis and strategic management. National ATM Brokerage has extensive experience in every step of the transaction process. Financial modeling, detailed due diligence, marketing, advisory, document review and legal assistance are imperative variables in the transaction equation. National ATM Brokerage will provide to you each of these so that your ability to reach a successful closing at the highest possible price will be maximized and optimized.


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National ATM Brokerage is a premier ATM brokerage company focused on providing our clients with the absolute best service and results. Whether you’re preparing to sell your business or have an interest in acquiring, as a client of National ATM Brokerage you can expect an experienced partner to walk with you through each step of the process.

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National ATM Brokerage

National ATM Brokerage

Nathan Harbison
(502) 471-0223

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Each of our clients knows that National ATM Brokerage is their best partner to guide them through the transaction process. National ATM Brokerage prides itself in being the only advisory and brokerage company in the country that understands the ATM industry from every angle. The team at National ATM Brokerage has been involved in over 30 transactions ranging in size from $300,000 to $25MM.  We have experience in mergers and acquisitions, financing, and operations. As such, our clients know that their relationship with us is based on the principles of a trusted partnership. Our confidential appraisal process provides our clients with a market driven expectation for the value of their route. Our strategic advice and breadth of experience empowers our clients throughout the sales process. Contact us today to being the appraisal process and learn more about how we can help you sell your route.