Selling Your Route

Selling Your Route

Selling Your Route

Selling your ATM route through National ATM Brokerage takes the guesswork out of finding a suitable buyer. Our team undergoes a thorough process to ensure we provide the best service possible to our clients. Our multi-step system values communication, transparency, strategy, and research. Selling your ATM route through National ATM Brokerage will follow the following steps:
Initial Discussions
Our team will speak with you to gain a better understanding of your current business and collaborate with you to outline your options to move forward.
Data Collection and Analysis
After providing us with all the critical information we may need, National ATM Brokerage will analyze the data to evaluate its potential value. This information will also help us develop the formal documentation that will be presented to potential buyers.
Buyer Acquisition
National ATM Brokerage will present formal documentation to numerous reputable buyers and seek out the most fit and interested to begin negotiations.
During this stage, potential buyers begin making their offers. Our team will work closely with the owner/seller to respond to offers accordingly with either a counteroffer or acceptance of an offer.
Letter of Intent

After the offer is agreed upon by both parties, a letter of intent is established.

Due Diligence
The buyer has the opportunity to clarify any details necessary to ensure the deal is fully understood and the buyer has an accurate perception of the business they are working to acquire.
Asset Purchase Agreement
The majority of sales in the ATM industry are asset sales – meaning the seller retains the business entity they created but sells the assets of the entity to the buyer. Once this agreement is negotiated and signed, the deal is officially closed. At this point, the buyer transfers the funds to the seller and the seller transfers the ownership of assets to the buyer.
Our support doesn’t stop after the transaction. We will see our partners all the way through the transition period as well to ensure the buyer has everything needed to properly take over. The transfer process of the physical assets may include reprogramming the machines to a new processor, transitioning to a new cash loader, and switching settlement accounts.
Excluding the transition phase, the process of selling an ATM route with National ATM Brokerage could take around 45-120 days. In a matter of a few months, sellers can go from initial discussions to a completed sale. If you at any point have questions, our team is ready to leverage our industry knowledge to help. National ATM Brokerage is here to support you and guide you through the process from start to finish.

Interested in selling your ATM route but aren’t sure where to start? Let’s talk.

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    As a leading ATM brokerage agency, National ATM Brokerage is focused on providing our clients with the best service to maximize returns. Whether you’re interested in acquiring an ATM route, or are ready to sell your current business, National ATM Brokerage is ready to leverage our knowledge and experience to guide you through the process.